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Posted by: Mandy Patrick
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Mandy Patrick

Mid July 2014 marked 20 years of living and working in Luxembourg

As most Expats I came over to give Luxembourg a 3-month trial to see if I liked it and before you know it 20 years have passed by.

Initially I arrived to continue running a business with my partner, buying and selling scrap tyres and metals dealing with the American Army in Germany. When this business partnership closed, I gained experience working on import and export of electronic and electrical supplies with the Greek and Hungarian market.

My passion and interest throughout my career has and is to supply the best and most unique administrative services and back office support. For the past 13 years I have been “getting my Geek on” experiencing and learning about all of the elements involved in setting up, maintaining and progressing a business. Primarily in Luxembourg, but also various European countries such as Ireland, UK, Germany, Cyprus and France to name a few.

Expanding the skill set thoroughly with bookkeeping, VAT, compliance and operations I have now expanded into a new venture. Focusing on guiding and helping startups and entrepreneurs to find their way to realising their own dreams. I am excited to be included and to be part of their journey.

Not to forget; I am still there for those small to medium sized business that are established in their own field, but may just need a few “tweaks” to improve the journey for continued growth and success.

Having experience as a manager, owner and entrepreneur, my goal is to deliver a range of service packages to suit each individual or business, if you would like to have a chat with me to see where I may help…

Author: Mandy Patrick
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