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We Help Clients Achieve Great Results And A Sustainable Business – Without The Drama

Whether you are an established business or just starting out; we have the expertise, product and service to help you.

Working with Independent Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, we enable you to focus on your core expertise, by dealing with all your support administration and back office requirements.

With a range of packages uniquely tailored for each of our clients, we are flexible and adapt to the changing needs of your business as you grow and take advantage of the opportunities that will come your way.

Why Choose Red Squirrel Services?

Simply; we are unique and it shows.

Having worked at an operational level with companies across Europe we use all our knowledge and experience with a passion for developing a first-rate support service structure for entrepreneurs’ and small to medium sized businesses.

When you are ready to focus on sales and marketing rather than administration, product and service development rather than trudging through paperwork, then it’s time we met for a coffee and a chat…

We Enable You To Focus On Your Core Expertise by Dealing With All Your Support Administration And Back Office Requirements

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